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Effectively Your Words

– Feedback and Copywriting Service –

When writing to promote your business or try and connect with your audience and potential clients does this sound familiar?

  • Why am I writing this?
  • Does this make any sense?
  • Who am I writing this for?
  • Is it boring?
  • Will anyone understand what I’m offering?
  • What AM I offering? Will my words encourage people to work with or buy from me?!

If so then I CAN HELP!

I can help

What Are Words Worth?

The words we write are used to judge whether people feel we are competent, have something to offer that is of use and, fundamentally, whether they can trust us enough to buy from. Poor copy is an opportunity wasted to demonstrate all those things.

While the digital era has opened up so many new and exciting channels of communication, it’s up to us to make those count. Newsletters, a blog and social media updates can be powerful ways of delving beyond surface level discussion to create trust, find and connect with the right folk and build an audience for what you’re offering. But only if you can communicate with them effectively!

The risk is that you spend time, energy and possibly money pouring your words onto a (digital) page only to get no response, no feedback and no results whatsoever.

Is This What You Need?

  • Detailed feedback on your written content – web pages, social media and blog posts, newsletters and other marketing materials
  • A fresh pair of customer tinted eyes to ensure your words are logical, focused, and necessary 
  • Help weeding out the jargon, streamlining or adding more detail?
  • Guidance to Ensure you know who you’re writing it for, why you’re writing it and what you want it to achieve?
  • One-off or regular help

Would this help boost your confidence in the effectiveness of the written content you produce?

Why I Can Help You

  • I blog weekly on my own personal book writing project, as well as a subscription-only lifestyle blog with my partner, so I understand the challenges and vital importance of packing a written punch, regularly and consistently!
  • I have a First Class Undergraduate Degree and a Masters Degree. My results were in large part due to my ability to write and communicate information well
  • I have various Counselling qualifications, experience in NLP and am a qualified Louise Hay teacher, so I understand the impact that using the right language can have, on a conscious and unconscious level.
  • I’m also an empath and operate on a feeling and intuitive level most of the time, so can often feel the essence, energy and intention behind the words that are used
  • I have a breadth of interest, work, travel and personal experience that mean I can quickly grasp the nub of a range of diverse topics, write well to a theme and present information clearly, concisely and with a goal in mind.

How This Works

Step 1: Get in touch with any kind of copy you would like feedback on; either as a one-off piece of work or on an ongoing basis (which works well for regular content you produce such as blog posts or newsletters). In the first instance, please email your work to me directly, attached as a Word document or share a Google Docs link.

Step 2: On receipt of your email, I will aim to reply to you within 1 working day to:

  • Let you know whether I can help, and what time frame to expect. It typically takes about a week but may sometimes be faster. If you need urgent feedback, this is available for an added fee.
  • Ask you a few more specific questions to fully understand what you’d like to achieve through your writing, who it’s for and more.
  • Confirm the fee.

Step 3: Once you’ve confirmed that you’re happy to proceed, I’ll send you an invoice. All invoices are payable before I’ll start any work on your content.

Step 4: I will review your writing and use the “Track Changes” feature to make suggestions, recommendations and offer constructive feedback on your writing, within a copy of the document you send.

Step 5: When complete, I’ll send the document back to you (or share it as a Google Doc, whichever you prefer) for you to use as you wish!

How Much Is This?

How much would you pay to gain confidence in your writing and to know whether it’s going to turn off the people you want to connect with, or win them round?

For a single piece of content:

The following fees are valid until September 30th 2019 for a one-off piece of content… 

  • Up to 500 words                      £20 
  • From 501-1,000                        £30 
  • From 1,001 to 2,000 words    £50 

For ongoing support with blog posts, newsletters and more:

This is ideal if you plan to write regular blog posts, newsletters or other marketing materials that you’d like help with. There’s an initial commitment of 3 months, after which you may cancel at any time. Your word counts can vary per piece and I’ll keep a total word count over the month (e.g. you may send me 2 pieces of 200 words and 300 words, instead of one piece of 500 words).

The following subscription fees are valid until September 30th 2019…

  • Up to 500 words in total, per month:                             £20/month
  • Between 501 and 1,000 words, per month:                  £30/month
  • Between 1,001 and 2,000 words in total, per month: £25/month

Please note: All my fees are for initial feedback. Should you require subsequent reviews and additional feedback and suggestions I charge a flat rate of £5 per additional review, which can be added when you first order or after my initial review.


How many times will you review my work?

In the first instance, I provide detailed feedback. Should you require subsequent reviews after you’ve made any changes, these will be subject to an additional fee.

How is this different from proofreading and editing?

While I will provide basic spelling and grammar correction within the feedback I am not offering ‘just’ a proofreading or editing service – think of this as more of an ‘understanding’ and ‘getting it’ service! I aim to provide a service that you can’t always easily do for yourself.

I will read your writing, with fresh eyes and from the perspective of a potential client or customer who will likely be unconsciously evaluating:

  • Whether they feel they trust you
  • Whether they feel they believe you
  • Whether they think you can do what you say you can do
  • How you compare to other people on their radar
  • Whether they want to work with you
  • Whether they trust you enough to actually pay you

Ultimately, I’ll be giving you feedback on whether what you’ve written is going to do a good job of promoting what you do and your business, or not. If you’re going to spend time and energy writing content to build your business, wouldn’t it be valuable to know whether it’s time worth spent and that it’s going to be effective?

Can you write content for me?

I can! Please contact me to request further details.

When can I expect my feedback?

I aim for one working week (5-day) turnaround, however this may be considerably faster or it could be longer for more detailed or complex work. If you need something urgently, please ask me and I may be able to prioritise it.

If I don’t agree with your feedback, will you give me a refund?

I offer a no quibble refund if you are unhappy with my feedback and recommendations and don’t use them at all to make changes to your work. If you do then publish your work with any changes I’ve recommended, I trust karma will take care of it!